The Adventures of a Shy Girl

Well aint that a huge jump step!

Apr 4
5. Being the official second year rep for French Students association

Evidently being a leader is not my cup of tea. I fear the responsibility of having to uphold my fellow teammates as well as members and I fear having to be crazy peppy all the time. It’s just never been my thing. I’ve recently applied to be a second year representative in a French students association though…so that’s new. I figured..if I’m gonna join French clubs, I might as well be part of the head of it being that I’m so passionate about having good events for it. Yolo? 

Mar 16
4. Signing up to be part of a students association

Learning to change the lives of others.

Feb 7

For my mom. For always being there with me. I seriously think we’ve gotten even closer throughout the past holidays.

Jan 11
3. I am grateful
Jan 11

(via my-teen-quote)

I am currently trying to love, even those who may have angered me. 

Jan 11
2. Love

I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to start the conversation with others that I do not know. Speaking in groups of people is not something I am readily able to do because I have a fear of saying something wrong and being judged for it. 

Jan 11
1. Step out of comfort zone